NJ Programming Languages and Systems Seminar

Next Meeting: MONDAY, November 20th, 2017, at Princeton University


The New Jersey Programming Languages and Systems Seminar Series is an informal forum that promotes interaction among programming languages and systems researchers in the New Jersey area. The series provides an opportunity to present unfinished research-in-progress and receive feedback and constructive criticism. We hold one-day meetings every few months, for instance at Agere, AT&T Florham Park, Avaya, Bell Labs Lucent, Rutgers, Princeton University, Stevens, or U. Penn. Meeting agendas are coordinated by a chair who is selected by popular vote. There are about ten informal talks of about thirty minutes each, usually beginning about 9:00am and ending about 4:00pm. Attendence currently averages about 30 people.

Joining NJPLS

While we would like the group to remain reasonably small to promote interaction, the invitation list is by no means closed. If you are interested in attending the seminar, please send email to William Mansky. You are also welcome to subscribe to our mailing list.


Many thanks to

  • Andrew Wright, who ran the NJPLS website and mailing list from December 1994 until October 2001,
  • Kathleen Fisher, who ran it from October 2001 until August 2005,
  • Steve Zdancewic, who ran it from August 2005 until September 2009, and
  • Chung-chieh Shan, who ran it from September 2009 until October 2012.